How I think Research is like the Spiritual Life.

By Dr Stuart Devenish, Postgraduate Coordinator (MTC)- Tabor Adelaide

In this article I want to explore some of the ways in which I think research and spirituality intersect with and overlap each other. As I do so, I invite the reader to look for ways in which your own spiritual lives can connect with and grow your understanding of research. I appeal to the work of Richard Rohr – the well-known Franciscan priest and specialist in the spiritual life – to identify congruencies between the inner task of spiritual growth, and the outer task of research in whatever capacity this is undertaken. Read More

Hidden Treasure in Plain Sight

billy 2 Here is another of Phil Daughtry’s Lenten reflections:

Its 3p.m. on a Saturday afternoon and I’m on my personal jogging circuit within my suburb. I pass houses, gardens, trees, cars, bicycles and birds, and two small reserves (parks). In both of these I notice a dad, with his kids (toddler to middle-primary school age) and a football. I’m struck by the coincidence of the duplicate scenario in the two similar but separated spaces and it gets me thinking (a good idea when you’re 30 minutes into your run and need some distraction). Read More