MANNA magazine

Welcome to Manna the magazine!

The teaching faculty of the School of Ministry, Theology, and Culture at Tabor is committed to serving the church by thinking about the gospel. We believe that individuals and the church can be transformed by the renewing of our/their minds.

Sometimes college lecturers are accused of “living in an ivory tower”, “being too theoretical”, and “not concerned with the life of the church.” This stereotype doesn’t apply at Tabor; we are part of the church, and we want to see it grow in faithfulness to Jesus. This is why we have committed ourselves providing this magazine for free distribution to the churches of South Australia. We plan to publish three issues of Manna each year; we hope you find them insightful.

Click for digital flip magazine

If you have any questions or would like hard copies for your Church, please contact Samantha Owens

Dr Aaron Chalmers

Head of the School  of Ministry, Theology and Culture


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