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sophie louise

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I spend a significant amount of time studying in the library each week. Recently this has caused a lot of comments about my study habits. Words like “crazy”, “nerd”, “weird” and “great student” have been thrown around. On one level I find it funny because I’m simply doing what I need to in order to get everything done (and especially to understand what the heck is going on in my theology classes!). But as I was sitting at home on Saturday night reading articles about the gospel of Luke, I started to wonder why I’m the weird one and why more people don’t care or aren’t passionate about their education. Why do I feel as though I need to continually justify my decision to study over other activities? And why are study and education and those who enjoy learning regularly shamed?

The answer to those questions could probably be the topic…

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  1. Elizabeth Musgrove · August 16, 2016

    Hi there Sophie-Louise,
    I can empathise with your dilemma. There is a real distrust of education particularly in church. I let negative words impact on my study resulting in a lack of confidence. I had to work through my own insecurity regarding my decision to study.
    I kept going back to what I knew God had said to me in prayer in a time when His personal Word was rare. My decision has caused me to remain firm in my resolve to continue to be obedient to Him in spite of the cost.
    Be encouraged to continue and let go of the negative words.
    Thank you for bravely sharing your journey.

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