Magarey Lectures series

aaronThe Head of the School of Ministry, Theology and Culture, Dr Aaron Chalmers, will be delivering the Magarey Lectures for the Churches of Christ (SA and NT) this year. The Magarey Lectures are held each year as a central component of ongoing professional development for ministers and pastors working in Churches of Christ in South Australia.  As has been the custom in recent years, the two evening lectures will be open to the public. Why don’t you come along?

Acknowledging violence in the Sacred Text

7.30pm Tuesday 11 August 2015 Western Communities Church of Christ [formerly Mile End Church of Christ] Danby Street, Torrensville.

The link between religion and violence has been a hot topic, at least since 9/11. The Bible itself, especially the books of Joshua and Judges, contains a number of passages that describe and seem to legitimate the use of violence both by God and human beings. How are we to engage with and make sense of these troubling passages? Can we simply ignore them as examples of primitive thinking or do they have something to say to us today? Join us as we seek to reflect on these problematic texts and consider implications for the way we read Scripture today.

Interpreting the Prophets Today

7.30pm Wednesday 12 August 2015 Western Communities Church of Christ [formerly Mile End Church of Christ] Danby Street, Torrensville.

The Old Testament prophets are some of the most fascinating and challenging sections of Scripture. They are full of strange symbolism, cryptic references, and arresting imagery. Throughout history various interpreters have sought to read them as coded descriptions of the present and predictions of the future. But how are we to understand these writings? How can they speak to Christians today? What, if anything, do they have to say about contemporary issues confronting the Church?

If you plan to attend these special evening lectures – don’t come by yourself! Invite someone to come with you.  Fill up your car!

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