Pastoral support to pastors

Dear friends,


I’m calling together everyone I know in South Australia who has an interest in providing pastoral support to pastors. Even if that is not central to your current role you most likely still care about it, and you probably know others who give time to pastoring pastors to whom you could pass on this invitation.

I’m part of a an international task force run by the World Evangelical Alliance dealing with the pressing need to provide Pastoring of Pastors (POP). The scope of this ministry includes mentoring, coaching, supervision, counselling specifically for pastors, pastors renewal retreat groups, retreat centres, ministry marriage support, guided spiritual retreats, ministry refreshment conferences, pastors prayer networks, accountability partnerships and more. Our hunch is that there is more than we know happening in this field but there’s not much networking going on. We’d like to see if we can join things up every now and then for mutual benefit.

I’m hoping to gather people in Adelaide for:


  • Communication – hearing from each other as to current ministry to pastors, initiatives, perspectives, ideas;
  • Resources – sharing approaches, tools and materials which could be used in that ministry;
  • Relational support – gaining encouragement from being with motivated people who care about this issue;
  • Prayer – praying for each other in this very strategic ministry.

What I have in mind is a relaxed, informal gathering for a conversation exploring what might be useful to further God’s purposes in this area.

If you can possibly make it, I’d love to see you

Thursday 13 August, 8.00am to 9.15am for breakfast

The Brown Dog Cafe, 143a Goodwood Rd, Goodwood

This immediately precedes a daytime seminar on that date that the Australian Christian Mentoring Network is holding at Tabor College, 181 Goodwood Rd, on the subject of resilience for Christian leaders which might also be of interest.

Please pass this info on to everyone you know in South Australia who might have an interest in this area, and do let me know if you’re able to be there yourself.




Rick Lewis

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