Trainee pastor required

Introducing my friend and colleague in Christian ministry, Pastor Darryl Stott It is my distinct privilege to have known Pastor Darryl Stott and his wife Anne for more than 30 years.

From establishing an addiction recovery ministry in the South-East of South Australia in the 1970’s to pioneering and pastoring churches linked with several denominations, Darryl and Anne have seen miracles as the Lord has brought people from spiritual darkness to new life in Christ and on into maturing as Christian disciples enthusiastic to serve God.

Darryl has the vision and ability to help those called to church leadership and ministry to develop biblical and practical skills which will assist them move forwards in their callings.

While there is a place for learning about ministry and leadership in a class-room, there must also be the development and outworking of these capacities in church life if a person is going to rise to their potential as a church leader and minister.

Any suitable person who is able to work with Darryl and his church as a trainee pastor would have a very valuable opportunity to be mentored and developed in what it means in practical terms to serve the Lord at the ‘coal-face’ of leadership and ministry. 


(Pastor Charles Schwab continues to be involved in his retirement in preaching, teaching, and encouraging pastors and churches in Australia and overseas.  He served as staff Associate Pastor in two churches and helped to establish several Bible Schools.  He and his wife Mavis live in Geelong, Victoria).


Dr Andrew Evans re Macclesfield Uniting Church: Trainee Pastor Position


I have been a friend & colleague of Pastor Darryl Stott since the 1970’s.  He has always displayed a passion for the Kingdom of God, expressed through innovative and creative ways. From establishing “Karobran”, a rehabilitation centre on his family farm, to a Pub Church in Whyalla, and more conventional city churches. (Nothing stays conventional very long under his ministry, but is soundly based on scripture.)
He is now Pastor with his wife Anne, in a Uniting Church in Macclesfield.  His unique relational spirit filled style has led the Church into considerable growth both numerically and spiritually.
I have preached in this church and can encourage anyone, who meets their criteria and is keen to serve the Lord, to wholeheartedly explore the opportunity to be mentored by Darryl in this dynamic Spirit filled Church.
Darryl relies on the Holy Spirit and is looking for someone to pass on his 40+ years of experience.  This is a great opportunity for the person who answers God’s call.



Reference for Pastor Darryl Stott and Macclesfield Uniting Church’s proposal for Ministry Development.

Pastor Darryl Stott has outlined to me, the churches concern for effective ministry development and succession. This includes a candidate’s willingness to learn the particular needs and distinctive ministry required at Macclesfield, through regular participation in the life of the church and specific mentoring with Pastor Stott.  Macclesfield is a member of Hope network.  It has experienced growth in membership and mission into the surrounding community and in the Way of Christ.

I recommend this ministry development initiative as Macclesfield prepares for the future, and am keen to learn how it develops.


Ian Clarkson


Dr Barry Chant re Macclesfield Uniting Church: Trainee Pastor Position


Since Rev Darryl Stott first sat in the Bible College classroom where I taught and then became youth pastor at our local church, to his present role now, decades later, as a senior pastor of a thriving local congregation, I have seen his life and ministry develop in a competent, wise and godly fashion as befits a minister of Christ. He conveys a spirit of joy, even exuberance, in the Lord. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and no challenge seems too daunting for him. He has served in both city and country churches. In 1977, he launched out into a huge faith venture in the establishment of Karobran New Life Centre, a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, a ministry which continues successfully to this day. Together with his wife Anne, Darryl has pursued his calling with diligence and faithfulness. The simplest way to describe him is to use the words of the Karobran motto. He is a man who loves God, loves people and loves life.


Dr Barry Chant
Tabor Publications Miranda, NSW 2228

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