“Interpreting the Prophets” – Dr Aaron Chalmers

AaronAaron recently received this endorsement for a book he has written which focuses on interpreting the prophetic literature. This is based on the Old Testament prophets exegesis class he teaches at Tabor Adelaide.

I am singularly excited about the potential of this book to help people understand the Old Testament prophets. The explanation of prophecy’s distinctive genre, historical setting, rhetoric, theology, and significance is engaging, informed, and insightful. If the prophets seem confusing and irrelevant to certain readers, or primarily about contemporary events in the Middle East to others–and if the church wants a user-friendly corrective to the misunderstanding–this is it. Every pastor and teacher seeking to nourish the church through messages from the prophets needs to drink deeply from Chalmers’ well. (Further, if scholars want a model for writing interpretive guides for other biblical genres–this is it.) Misinterpretations of prophecy have historically been a major contributor to partisanship in the body of Christ. I hope and pray that this book will help to stem the tide of disunity (and disobedience to our Lord’s instructions).

Brent Sandy (Wheaton)

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