The season of flatness and its gentle invitation

slowing down Dr Phil Daughtry

Head of School, Humanities and Social Sciences

Some times of the year are flatter than others. As I write this, towards the end of the semester that leads into winter, the leaves are brown, the sky is gray, my students, colleagues and friends seem more tired than usual, inspiration is harder to find.

The flat seasons of the year exist for a reason, they offer context and backdrop to the other seasons where life, nature, inspiration and dreaming are renewed. A flat season is a message from the soul – an invitation to let go, slow down, come inside and snuggle up.

There is no reason to try and fight the flatness, or reject it or become anxious about its necessary presence. We’re not designed to operate at one speed or modality, the seasons of nature are metaphors for the seasons of our soul. Will someone please tell that person who is trying to get us all revved up that now is not the time.

But now is the time for gentle recovery, for letting go, for near enough is good enough, for lowering rather than raising expectations. A season for forgiveness, for downing tools, for playing with the fallen leaves and for kicking a football under the gun-metal skies. A time to come inside and have a good lie down, to light a fire, to crack open a red, to eat a pie, drink soup, cook a broth and read a good book.

This is the season for wrapping up, making a break and sharing a yarn. Soon enough the season will change and things will get busy and new plans will emerge. For now, let us embrace the flatness and enjoy the invitation to accept the peaceful fact that we don’t and can’t always be fired up and inspirational.

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